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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Copic Marker Storage

These are the storage towers I made to hold my copic markers, prisma pencils and gel pens. They are made out of foam board from the dollar store and not too hard to make.
For travel, I use a separate piece of foam board that is the same size as the back of the tower. I wrap wide elastic around it and secure with velcro.

Supplies Needed:

1 (20”x30”) foam board
Exacto knife, metal ruler and cutting mat
Aleene’s Glue (I used Fast Grab Tacky Glue)
Flat-headed pins (“Satin” pins work well and are easy to find)

Pieces to cut:

Back                cut 1   4”x12”
Sides               cut 2   5 ¼”x 12”
Top                  cut 1   4”x5”
Bottom           cut 1   4”x5”
Shelves           cut 3   4”x5”   (these 3 are notched - see pic below)
Top Front       cut 1   2 ½”x3”
Bottom Front            cut 1   1”x4”
Divider            cut 1   2 ¼”x 8 ½” (this piece has 3 down-slanted notches for the shelves, and the bottom is slanted also - see pic below)


Lay the back down on a flat surface and stand the long end of one side against the long end of the back. Glue in place and pin. Do the same for the other side.

Glue and slide the notched shelves into the notched divider. Let dry.

While the glue is drying, go back to the sides and back. Add the top front piece to the sides that are attached to the back. Now add the top piece. This goes under the top front piece. Glue and pin.

Position the divider with shelves, glue and pin.

Place the bottom piece under the divider, glue and pin.

Add the bottom front under the bottom piece you just attached, glue and pin.

That’s it! Decorate as you choose or leave it white. Enjoy!

1 comment:

stipple45 said...

Wonderful job on those pen and marker holders, hope to see your new place soon :D

Sally <3